Connecticut River Bank
In December, 2014, Connecticut River Bank of Charlestown, New Hampshire and its eleven branches became part of Mascoma Savings Bank. This short documentary captures some of the 191 year history of the bank from the failed robbery in 1855 to decision become part of Mascoma. In short, this is the story of community banks and the challenges they face in today’s banking world. (Completed December, 2014)

Capital Center for the Arts
Take one piece of music, ten musicians in five different rooms, thee cameras, two camera operators, one audience, two performance, no chairs, and you get one big edit challenge. That was the mission in recording “Brownstone” by the contemporary composer Jakub Ciupinski, performed in the Kimball House at Concord’s Capitol Center for the Arts.(Completed November, 2014)

Solidarity Sabbath
It is a sad note that anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world–especially in Europe. The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice is heading up an effort to combat this with the Solidarity Sabbath, which will held in May, 2015. This video is one of two about the Solidarity Sabbath that we have produced for the Foundation to use in bringing awareness to their efforts. (Completed November, 2014)

For forty years Riverbend has been providing mental health services to an ever growing clientele in the Merrimack County area. This video was produced to give a quick look back, but more importantly to look forward and recognize the many ways Riverbend has helped those who have come to them. (Completed October, 2014)


NH Highland Games
The New Hampshire Highland Games have brought thousands of pipers, fiddlers, dancers, athletes and Clans people together for going on 40 years. Held annually at Loon Mountain Lincoln, it is three days of activities and fun. This year Accompany was hired to document these many and varied activities. Over the course of 2015 various videos will be produced to highlight aspects of the games. (First videos completed January, 2015)

Constitutionally Speaking
The Supreme Court Society of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Humanities Council are working together to put together a DVD for use in our State’s high schools that will be a primer in teaching about the Constitution and legal issues. This will be the second such video, to be completed for the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. Already recorded for the DVD are presentations by former Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter. (On going)

NH Auto Dealers Association
We don’t think much about auto lifts when we drop our car off for an oil changes. But for those who do the work there are many safety concerns. Auto lift accidents can be fatal. This video was produced for the New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association to educate auto service workers to work safer. (Completed October, 2014)

The Lantos Foundation
Shimon Peres is the last remaining founding father of Israel. His list of accomplishments is long and inspiring, including serving as Israel’s Prime Minister and President. He is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and in 2014 the recipient of the Lantos Foundation’s Human Rights Award. This video was shown at the Lantos Foundations award ceremony in Washington, DC, June 2014, also attended by Vice President Joe Biden.(Completed June, 2014)

NH Department of Health & Human Services
The New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Service is one of the largest state agencies. Over the last few years we have produced a number of video for the Department. Most of these have been what are called “Realistic Job Previews” and are available on the Department’s web site for those thinking of applying. Our most recent video, however, is an overview of the Department and its many programs. (Completed June, 2014)

Polaris Direct
Much of the work is we do is for non profit organizations, but we also do commercial work as well.  Polaris Direct is a mail distribution center in Hooksett.  This short video was produced to showcase their many services. (Completed May, 2014)

The Adult Learning Center
The Adult Learning Center in New Rochelle, New York has for many years been assisting new Americans in finding their way, from learning English to learning American customs and ways. This video was produced to give the public an overview of the Center’s programs and also used to help raise funds to continue their important work. (Completed April, 2014)

Mascoma Savings Bank
We have produced a number of videos for Mascoma Savings Bank over the years, including a short documentary about the impact of Hurricane Irene on Vermont and how the bank responded to help. This video was a look back at the previous 10 years in the life of the bank and the changes that have happened in the world of banking and their impact on the bank. (Completed April, 2014)

NCLEX Review
If you want to be a nurse, you have to pass the NCLEX exam. And the best way to do that is to study with Judith Miller and her NCLEX Review. Nothing complicated, just 22 DVDs, each 2 to three hours long all produced by Accompany. (Most recent set completed June, 2014)

Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice
Will Hillary Clinton be President?? We don’t know. But we do know that in December, 2013 she was the recipient of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Prize. The video that was shown to introduce her when she got her award in Washington, DC was produced by Accompany. She was the fifth recipient of this award, others have been the Elie Wiesel and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We have produced all these videos as well as recorded each event when they were given their award. Truly an honor, and we thank the Lantos Foundation for giving us such rich experiences and challenges.

Meeting House: The Heart of Washington, NH
Few structures say “New England” as eloquently as a classic eighteenth century Meetinghouse. Today only a small number remain as the continuing seat of town government. This 55 minute documentary is the story of the Washington, New Hampshire Town Hall. Built in 1787, it is still the heart of the town. Funded by a major grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council, this documentary has aired on New Hampshire and Maine Public Television. (Completed May, 2013)


People First of New Hampshire
People with disabilities should not be put into an institution, they should be given the same freedom as anyone.  That is the simple message of this video.  Though New Hampshire has pretty much moved down the path to de-institutionalization, most other states haven’t.  There are over 2,000 institutions in the United States that imprison people with disabilities.  This powerful video was produced to increase awareness of the issue with hope that it will lead to closing more of these unnecessary institutions.  Special thanks to New Hampshire composer and performer Kathy Lowe for most beautifully haunting music we have ever heard.  (18 minutes, completed January, 2012)