Special Interest Videos

Hand Hewing


Hand Hewing, From Tree to Beam

This DVD is a step-by-step look at the process of hewing at the stump.  Master craftsman Dan Dustin demonstrates how traditional craftsmen used tools and material to their natural advantage by, "finding the beam within the tree."  Dan has been hewing beams for historic restoration projects and housewrights around the country since 1972.  The DVD presents is also liberally laced with Dan's practical Yankee philosophy...worth the price of the DVD in itself.  Originally recorded and produced in 1995 at the Canterbury Shaker Village, New Hampshire by John Gfroerer, it is now re-issued through Accompany.  

$14.95 DVD


For people who own Stanley Steamer automobiles, rallies and tours are opportunities to get together and talk “steam.” In parking lots with the hood up, or on a road chuff chuff chuffing, tours are a time to indulge the hobby that is a passion. They are a time to set out each morning and look for adventure, water, and hopefully not have to make a call to AAA. This is a documentary about the 2008 Green Mountains Steam Car Tour in Bennington, Vermont. It’s about cars under the power of steam and the people who care for and maintain them. This is a story about coming together to polish, shine, pamper and live part of America’s past. There are not many Stanleys left in this world. So it is fortunate that there are people who have taken on a special responsibility to preserve this piece of automobile history.

(55 Minutes) $17.95 DVD


Chautauqua Morning

A Video Postcard
Wish You Were Here! A day begins. A place comes to motion. Sunlight captures every view in every direction. That is morning at Chautauqua. Music by: Frederic Moyer & Robin Spielberg

(12 min.) $12.50 DVD


Page Belting Company

A history of The Page Belting Company in Concord, New Hampshire. Page has been making leather belts and other leather products for over 130 years, but their story is about more than leather. It is the story of two brothers, changing times, and adapting.

(2001, 27 Minutes) $17.95 DVD


44 South Main Street

This documentary tells the story of a brick house built in 1827 in Concord. It was home for several families, and in the early 1900s was considered one of the finest homes in New Hampshire. Today it is home to the Capitol Center for the Arts. One building, one story, one part of a city’s history.

(1998, 45 Minutes), NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Colonial Pemaquid

This 35 minute documentary tells the story of one of the oldest English settlements in North America, Pemaquid, ME. Located on the Maine coast and settled in about 1627, it was also the site of three forts. Archeological digs in the 1960’s and 70s uncovered foundations and over 100,000 artifacts. Produced for the Friends of Colonial Pemaquid, this video is used in the museum at the site. It is also available for purchase. Completed in July, 2006.

A House, A Barn, A Community

This 35 minute documentary looks at the life of a barn, a family, and the art of timber framing. Commissioned by the Penacook Historical Society, it also tells the story of a community effort to save two of the towns oldest buildings, a barn and a house. It also presents an informative look at their original construction and what it is that makes them so unique. The documentary uses music written by Concord, NH composer William Fletcher, and performances by the Concord Chorale. Completed in April, 2006.

The Life & Times of Mother Catherine Aurelia

Mother Catherine Aurelia was the foundress of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, a cloistered order of Catholic nuns. Mother Catherine passed away in 1905, but her order grew to over 25 monasteries around the world. This forty minute documentary, commissioned by the Sisters, was recorded in Quebec, Canada, Brooklyn, New York, and Manchester, New Hampshire. Completed in May, 2006. Aired nationally over the EWTN Cable Network, January, 2007.