Videos About New Hampshire

Made in New Hampshire videos. From our first in the nation Presidential Primary to our spectacular mountain resorts, see NH history and controversial public figures in the comfort of your own home. These videos are great entertainment and educational as well! All of our New Hampshire videos are available for purchase.


Welcome Here Again

A Recording Session with the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra.  Sixteen musicians came together on a Sunday afternoon to make a recording.  Collectively they were called The Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, and it was the first time a group had gathered under that name to make a recording in 30 years.  This is a documentary about that recording session, which took place in the Chapel at the Middlesex School in Concord, Mass.  In this DVD you will learn a little about the music, the people, the traditions, and the story of the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra.  But most of all, you will hear a lot of wonderful music played by a group of equally wonderful musicians.  (2017)

(57 Minutes, 2017) $17.95 DVD


Lakes Region Clean Waters Association

Forty years ago the Lakes Region Clean Waters Association was working to end the practice of dumping raw sewage into Lake Winnisquam. Their efforts lead them to become a model for the country on how small communities can work together to solve a problem. Recognized by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Lakes Region Clean Waters association was the driving force in creating the Winnesaupakee River Basin Project. Most importantly, they are the reason people once again swim in Lake Winnisquam. This documentary is a story of citizen action and the importance of working together to protect the environment.

(50 Minutes, Completed March, 2011) $17.95 DVD


Premier Primary

New Hampshire and Presidential Elections
For over fifty years The New Hampshire Primary has been the first testing ground for anyone who wanted to be President of the United States. This comprehensive history of the primary features interviews with the New Hampshire people who ran the campaigns and lots of historic news film. The interview list includes Governors Hugh Gregg, Lane Dwinell, Walter Peterson, John Sununu, and Jeanne Shaheen, Senators Tom McIntyre, Warren Rudman, Judd Gregg, and many more New Hampshire political figures. Part three of this series was funded by the New Hampshire Political Library.

$21.95 DVD


Family Profile

Taking care of The Old Man
On May 3, 2003, New Hampshire’s state symbol, The Old Man of the Mountain, fell from Cannon Mountain and was lost forever. For nearly a century efforts were made to keep this inevitable event from happening. This is the story of those efforts. It is also the story of the Nielsen family, who for forty years watched over the Old Man’s health. But beware. If you are nervous about heights you might not want to watch this alone.

(28 minutes, 1996) $17.95 DVD


World War II

New Hampshire
World War II mobilized and changed the entire country, the entire world. Through interviews, historic news film, photos and radio reports form the battlefields, this documentary tells how the people of one state came together for freedom.

(60 minutes, 1994) $17.95 DVD


Rights & Reds

Cold War In New Hampshire
This is the story of New Hampshire’s Cold War investigation of subversive activities. Compelling, provocative, in some ways unbelievable. Yet it is very true and it did all happen right here. People were sent to jail for refusing to “name names.” Jobs were lost, phones were tapped, informers informed, but no communists were ever found plotting to over through the State House. It is a story that explores Cold War fear and the importance of the Bill of Rights. Produced with the N.H. Bar Association and the N.H. Humanities Council. Recognized by the National Bar Association, this documentary prompted the New Hampshire Legislature to repeal the state’s Subversive Activities Law.

(57 Minutes, 1992) $17.95 DVD



A Video Portrait
Concord New Hampshire is a small city full of character, history and personalities. Discover the trolleys, the granite industry and the local athlete who played for the New York Yankees. Hear the stories of a photographer and those of a prominent Democrat who plays host to presidential aspirants and more.

(55 minutes, 1997) $17.95 DVD


Powerful As Truth

William Loeb and 35 years of New Hampshire
As publisher of the Manchester Union Leader, William Loeb was a brash advocate of conservative politics and his use of a newspaper to verbally bludgeon those who opposed him, made him a powerful force. This documentary is look at the Loeb years in New Hampshire. Through interviews, news films and photos, you will discover the impact that one man and a newspaper had on New Hampshire.

(55 minutes, 2000) $17.95 DVD


Sherman Adams

The Yankee Governor
Lumberman, Governor, Special Assistant to the President, Sherman Adams was once called the second most powerful man in the Nation. Those interviewed include Former U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell and investigative reporter Jack Anderson whose reporting led to Adams resignation.

(55 minutes, 1990) $17.95 DVD


You May Remember This

If you lived in New Hampshire in the early 1970s, these old news films are for you. Here are parades, ground breaking, sporting events, beauty contests, state fairs and politics from Aldermen to President. A fun and entertaining look back, put to the music of piano rags performed by Glenn Jenks.

(1996, 40 minutes) $10.95, NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Styles Bridges

Republican from New Hampshire
Styles Bridges served in the US Senate from 1936 until his death in 1961. In his time he was one of the most powerful and influential members of the Senate. Using old news footage and interviews with many who knew him, this program documents the life of a controversial personality in NH history.

(55 minutes,1984), NO LONGER AVAILABLE