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Visit Maine in the comfort of your own home. Travel Maine from the dawns of Down East to the beginning of U.S. Route 1 in Fort Kent. Made in Maine DVD's make unique gifts for anyone who has affection for these special places in Maine and would like to visit again and again! Maine videos available for purchase.

Seven Mornings in Maine
This DVD is about the variety and possibilities of morning.
It is a blend of sight and sound. First are beautiful images, recorded over ten years while producing documentaries about places in Maine. Second is music, performed and written by musicians we have come to know and love, nearly all from Maine. Each morning unfolds in its own unique personal way. There are the rocky edges at Schoodic Point. There is the hustle of lobstermen heading out in Stonington, the farms and potato fields in Aroostook County, the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. There are the uncharted colors of sky in Eastport and the simple nature of Lane’s Island on Vinalhaven. It is a quiet meditative piece for anyone who loves morning, loves Maine, loves morning in Maine.

(55 min.) $17.95 DVD
Seven Mornings in Maine video for sale.
Stewards by the Sea. Maine Video. Stewards by the Sea
This is a story about time and the importance of what you do with it. It is told by a place and the people of that place-the Pemaquid Peninsula. It is a story of oyster shells piled high one thousand years ago, and oysters grown for market today. It is a story of four hundred year old foundations, a hundred fifty year old lighthouse, and ice harvested in February that is still solid in August. These are stories of people who collect things from the past, like lunch boxes, boats, memories, and save them for the future. They are stories of people, who each in their own way, do something to make the place they live a little better for those who are to follow. It might be as fleeting as a sticky bun, baked, sold and consumed in the same morning. Or it might be as permanent as mother and child carved in granite that will last forever.
(58 min.) $17.95 DVD
Where Sea Meets Land
This video is about the communities of Gouldsboro, Prospect Harbor, Corea and Winter Harbor, Maine. They all share a peninsula on the coast and an understanding of magic. It is the magic of ocean knocking against a rocky coast, or sun burning through a lingering morning fog. It is the magic found in the practical approach to living that is engendered on this coastal peninsula. As Lobsterman Dale Torrey puts it, "You can't explain it, it's just in you."
(57 min.)$17.95 DVD
Maine Video of Schoodic, Where Sea Meets Land.
Castine, Maine - An Ocean of History, A River of Change. On DVD & video tape. Castine
An Ocean of History, A River of Change
Castine, Maine is one of the oldest communities in North America. Home to the Maine Maritime Academy, Castine has a rich seafaring tradition, but there is much more to experience. In a town with no stop lights, no chain stores, and no movie houses, there is time to think. Take a taste of another place in Maine from ACCOMPANY.
(58 min.)$17.95 DVD
US1 Aroostook
The First Hundred Miles of America

This video is a travel journal of sorts. From Fort Kent to Houlton, it is a snapshot of today mixed with a little bit of yesterday. From potato farming to paper making, toy tractors to Tourtiere, you will be moved by the warmth and the beauty of Northern Maine. Most importantly, you will meet the heart of a great country.
(55 min., 2001)$17.95 DVD
US1, Arrostook, Maine. Video about the first 100 miles of America.
Maine Video. Eight ways to Fish. Portals to an Island Community.

Eight Ways to Fish
Portals to an Island Community
It's all about fishing, but not about fish. This documentary is about the island of Stonington and Deer Isle, Maine and the people who live there. It is also about "searching for something and finding it. Enjoy the stories of artists, fishermen, collectors and pie bakers. Learn also about wooden boats, edible plants and medicinal potions from the sea and more.
(60 min.)$17.95 DVD

Island Winter
Vinalhaven, Maine
What keeps an island community moving in the winter when it's frozen solid. Discover Vinalhaven, a world of bean suppers, ice boating, ice skating, good friends, mending lobster traps and boat building. Discover winter. Beautifully set to music by pianist Robin Spielberg.
(50 min., 1998) $17.95 DVD
Island Winter - Vinalhaven, Maine. Buy the video.
Eastport, ME. Video - Where America begins its day. Eastport
Eastport, Maine is the eastern most city in the United States. Once the world's largest producer of sardines, today this town is home to farm raised salmon , stone milled mustard , woody rides, a lot of history and an interesting mix of artists. Eastport is where America begins its day.
(50 min., 1999) $17.95 DVD
It was founded in the 1840's as a Methodist camp ground. Today Bayside is better known for sailing than sermons. Discover what keeps generations coming back year after years to this little piece of paradise along Maine's coast. Music by Paul Sullivan
(25 min., 1996) $17.95 DVD
Bayside. Maine coast video.
Vinalhaven. Island off the coast of Maine. See the video.

Once famous for granite, today this Island off the coast of Maine is a hard working community of lobstering. Meet some of the people who call this piece of the world home. Learn a little history, take a trip on a lobster boat and visit with a world famous artist. Music by Tiger Okoshi
(45 min., 1996) $17.95 DVD

The Sea Captains Port
Searsport, Maine is home to shipbuilding, sea commerce, and deep sea captains. While the sea captains are gone, their legacy (and perhaps "spirits") are all around. Learn some of the stories of this historic coastal town and a secret kept quiet for more then 100 years.
(45 min., 1997) $17.95 DVD
Video. The Sea Captains Port - Searsport, ME.
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